About: Upton

Our goal is creating world no1 solutions for collecting things, organizing, describing, and managing for millions of private users as well as for specialized branches of business. Make it simple and useful. 

We in Upton love to make it happen. We love to make it easy and simple. We love to keep it natural, the way we are. We promised ourselves to make beauty in meaning, thought, and interaction, space for all that is worthy collecting, and if you ask me, there is nothing that couldn't be collected, then why not do it in a beautiful, simple, and intuitive manner?


About: Klaser - Stuff Organizer

Klaser is an app that helps you whenever you need to snap a photo of a thing, annotate it and save for later. For example, if you purchased a food item, you can have multiple pictures of the item, its receipt, the food recipe and the dish garnish all grouped together through a variety of means. You can use tag collections, text descriptions, map locations and timestamp, and combining all this gives you a huge number of possibilities to create a special place for each thing that can easily be found amidst all the clutter of your memories.


Why is Klaser a must have? All of us take pictures of things instead of writing down a note. These are pictures we don’t want to forget about, information we want to refer to later, or any inventory of our stuff. These snapshots are mixed in our camera roll with our family, friends and vacation’s pics. When you want to find the right photo at the right moment, browsing through an overloaded, cluttered library is a real pain. There are several tools for note taking and attaching pictures, but none of them are easy to use, fast working, and solely focused on a picture remembering application. Klaser is there for you to help manage your busy life.


App Store Description

Klaser is a Stuff Organizer designed to easily collect, organize and quickly find your stuff in collections, maps and tags. Release your mind from remembering details.

See how you can organize your life with Klaser:

1. Lightning fast & easy remember things, places and ideas
2. Intuitively access your records ordered in collections
3. Quickly find exactly what you need by names, descriptions, tags, places & collections 
4. Know where your stuff is thanks to places and maps view
5. Cross-group and prioritize your stuff in tag folders
6. Share your stuff through AirDrop & E-mail

All of us take pictures to remember something. Whether it’s a thing or information don't jam it with family pics. Klaser is your handy visual memory.



Everyday life
• memorize recommended books 
• save labels of your fav wines
• picture current medications
• capture the stuff you lend
• remember your gym schedule

• save your receipts before they fade away 
• car photos for the insurance company
• save proof of your valuables
• keep document copies with you
• keep photos of family license plates

• price labels of the items you want to buy
• photo your outfits while shopping to compare 
• menu from nearby bar
• clothing tags

Moms world
• capture favorites recipes 
• kids health papers
• save kids observations
• where is my kid SOS pic

• don’t forget the parking slot number
• mileage of a rented car
• picture timetables while in a trip
• carry family health cards, passports and visa pics
• capture hotel and street names in a foreign country

• remember position of plugs
• keep measurements of your appliance’s parts 
• remember dates on oil- change tag
• picture stuff you need to sell while cleaning

• Coins
• Stamps
• Comics
• Books 
• Vines 
• Vinyls 
• Arts
• Toys
• Sports 
• Cards

Make your collectibles comfortable in Klaser. Give them space to grow. Share your collectibles with friends through AirDrop & E-mail.

If you love Klaser there is good news for you! We are working to bring an iCloud synchronization and iPad version to give you even more flexibility! Coming soon!

“From my experience, working in business for over 20 years, dealing with tons of products, producing, retailing, even making them on my own, I learned strict organization of resources. There is nothing more costly than losing what you had already accomplished. This equally concerns the goods gathered and the time necessary to find them." Tomasz Chwilowicz

This is Klaser - Your Stuff Organizer